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RDC Concrete Spreads Smiles at Hinjewadi New English School - Maan!

September 2023: The Hinjewadi Plant team organized a heartwarming event at Pune Hinjewadi's New English School - Maan as part of Project PEUSC. This event was a big success and showed how much RDC Concrete cares about education, culture, and the community. People who came to the event had a great time, and everyone learned something new. It's a part of RDC Concrete's ongoing efforts to give back to the community. During the event, students showcased their talents in singing competitions, played musical chairs, tested their knowledge in quiz competitions, and participated in various sports activities. They also expressed themselves through essay writing on the theme of Teachers' Day 2023.

The event received overwhelming support from the local community, parents, and school staff. RDC Concrete takes immense pride in its employees for making a positive impact in the community. The company remains dedicated to fostering meaningful connections and driving change through initiatives like Project PEUSC. Their commitment to creating a better future shines through events like these.