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ICI & RDC National Cube Test Competition Season 2

Calling all students and young engineers, as the ICI - RDC National Cube Test Competition season 2 is back! Dive into hands-on experience in mix design and concrete production. Let's shape the future of construction together! Whether you're a Student, Professional, or Expert & Professor, there's a category just for you. Register now for your shot at the 1 Lakh cash prize!

- Each of the four region's students (North, South, East, West) will win ₹1 lakh

- Participants will be granted participation certificates

- Most economical designs will be recognized


Rules to remember:

-Student category must maintain strength between 33-35 MPa

-Professional category must maintain strength between 53-55 MPa.

-Experts category should attain not less than 100 MPa on the testing date.

-There is no fee for participation.

-A team can comprise up to three members, with a maximum of two teams allowed to participate in each category from one institution or organization.

-Students can also participate in professional and Expert Categories. Professionals can also participate in expert category and experts are allowed to participate only in Expert category.   

-Students who do not have access to facilities for cube casting at their own college can use the nearby RDC facility.

-Cubes must use local aggregates meeting IS: 383-2016 standards, max 20mm size.

-Inclusion of Ultrafine or Microsilica from Ultrafine Mineral and Admixtures Pvt. Ltd. is mandatory into the mix and Free supply for same will be available from nearest RDC plant.

-Mineral additives, from Ultrafine Minerals, shall be kept between 3-10% of cementitious materials.

-Teams must cast and cure cubes at their locations on the designated day. After curing for 14 days, on the 15th day the cubes should be marked with X with marker pen from corner to corner and pack the cubes in a polythene bag carefully, duly marked with the name of the participants along with their respective institute/ organization.

-Each team must provide three cubes, a mix sheet, and a workability video to their designated regional location.

-Participants need to submit cubes with a datasheet detailing the concrete mix design, certified by a professor or department head.

-Submission videos should be uploaded using the provided Google-form link or QR code.


Evaluation Criteria:

-Student Category: Cube strength surpassing 40 MPa or dropping below 30 MPa will be disqualified.

-Professional Category: Cube strength surpassing 60 MPa or falling below 50 MPa will be disqualified 

-Expert Category: Cube strength can exceed 100 MPa but must not fall below.

Additional Evaluation Criteria: 

1.Determining the average strength and deviation of three cubes.

2.Assessing deviation among individual test results.

3.Evaluating cube appearance and mix sheet.

4.Considering mix cost and concrete workability in case of a tie.

5.Deducting 1 point for each MPa deviation above or below specified limits. 


Registration Form Link: 

National Cube Test Competition

FAQ (Download)

FAQ Link

Brochure (Download) 

Brochure Link




Sr No. Coordinator Name  Contact  Email Location
1 Prem Kumar  7550042110   premkumar.g@rdcconcrete.com Tamil Nadu
2 Haseeb Khan  8291891152   haseeb.khan@rdcconcrete.com Goa, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, & Central India -Indore, Nagpur, Bhopal
3 Mehul Rathore  9607919506   mehul.rathore@rdcconcrete.com Pune
4 Faiz Akhtar  9205592960   faiz.akhtar@rdcconcrete.com Delhi-NCR & UP
5 Huma Chahal  7087219403   huma.chahal@rdcconcrete.com Punjab
6 Manasi Naskar  7328828978   manasi.naskar@rdcconcrete.com Kolkata & Assam
7 Niranjan Pradhan  8118098842   niranjan.pradhan@rdcconcrete.com Odisha
8 Abhishek NS  9739993590   abhishek.ns@rdcconcrete.com Bangalore
9 Vamshider Anantha  9010209399   vamshider.anantha@rdcconcrete.com Hyderabad & Mangalore
10 Santhosh Kumar  8943358517   santhosh.kumar@rdcconcrete.com Kerala
11 Gaurav Tiwari  9152030546   gaurav.tiwari@rdcconcrete.com Mumbai



Contact us for further queries:

Email : cubetest@rdcconcrete.com

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