RDC Concrete offers their Employees one day tour to other city which includes two way air travel ,site seeing and Lunch/Dinner for
those employees who have never travelled by air.
Lets celebrate their Pehli Udaan and watch this space for happy and smiling faces.

DISHA Workshop will be held every year in March to prepare for the year ahead by energising,
inspiring and collaboration. Workshops will be rolled out across India covering over 95% employees
by MD&CEO of RDC personally. Objectives of DISHA are as under:

I. Business Communication- Going forward by looking back
II. Engaging and Inspiring people through success stories shared by employees, relating these
to our vision and values
III. Goal setting for next year- Cascading & Alignment of individual goals with Company Goals
using top down approach
IV. Feedback (Bedhadak Bolo Session)

HR will compile feedback of all workshops and it will be disseminated to all employees, including
Actions planned or taken. KPIs of all employees will be finalised in these workshops. Some Glimpses of the Workshop held in Feb & March 2020.

Synergy workshops are held to brainstorm current business challenges with a view to arrive at change in direction/ emphasis/actions at all levels. Normally Two such workshops will be held in a year. These will be attended by all Business Heads, Functional Heads, Business Managers. Some other may also be specially invited to attend. Some Glimpses of Synergy workshop held in Kerala at Bolgatty Palace and Island Resort, Kochin from 15th Nov to 17th Nov, 2018

A Plant Incharge in Concrete Business is very crucial to the success of this business. Each Plant is a Business Unit and has its own Profit and loss account. Plant Incharge controls all resources like Plant, Transit Mixers, Concrete Pumps, Loader, DG, Quality Lab etc supported by requisite people. While Sales staff does bring in order, retention of customers and extracting value for money lies on the shoulders of Plant Incharge. It is therefore crucial that they have the right competency and attitude in controlling resources effectively to deliver superior profitability. In line with these objectives one or two Plant Incharge Conclave are held every year to build competency of Plant Incharges.

Some Glimpse of PI Conclave held at Upper Deck Resort, Lonavala from 11th Nov to 13th Nov 2019.

Financial risk mitigation is the key objective in long terms sustainability of any Business. Finance team of RDC Concrete Plays a key role in ensuring that there are no hidden surprises in financial accounting. To build competency level of this team Risk Identification & Mitigation Conclave is held once every year. In this Conclave various issue concerning financial accounting including ERP, Credit Management, Taxation, Asset Management and Audit are addressed to training, discussed and brainstormed. The Conclave ends with Situation Reaction test for the team. This test is highly rated by the team as Learning and assessment tool. This Conclave also brings finance team across the Company on a single platform in as single location resulting in networking, teamwork and mutual support.

Some Glimpse of PI Conclave held at Pragati Resort, Hyderabad from 21st Nov to 22nd Nov 2020.

RDC Concrete Announces the Proud Winners of Shishu Prerna Scholarship 2019. This scheme is applicable to the Children of RDC Employees. The Selection Criteria was based on Academic Score and Extracurricular achievements. They are awarded with monthly fixed scholarship amount for next academic year.

Heartiest Congratulations to Emerging talent.
RDC Family is proud of you!!!

RDC Concrete selects Graduate Engineer Trainees (GETs) & Diploma Engineer Trainees (DET’s) through campus interviews. Collectively they are named as RDC Cubs. They are under training for one year as per the apprenticeship rule of Government of India.
In a growing company like ours, we build the right culture as these engineers are easily mouldable. They are properly groomed and cared for, thus giving us the decisive edge and we aim to meet 80% of our technical manpower requirements through this route. This is therefore the most efficient and effective way of manpower planning, recruiting, training, placing, grooming, succession planning and building human resources. These programmes need somewhat different processes, more closely controlled and monitored than those applicable to lateral hires for long term and sustainable People Development. Therefore Cubs are directly trained, controlled and assessed at Head Office level. RDC is proud to say that some of our Cubs now occupy key positions in our organisational structure.

We@ RDC is in house E-Magazine. It features stories and recognisation earned by Employees in various fields. This Magazine published every Quarter.

We@ RDC is in house E-Magazine. It features stories and recognition earned by Employees in various fields. This Magazine published every Quarter.

We@ RDC is in house E-Magazine. It features stories and recognition earned by Employees in various fields. This Magazine published every Quarter.