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RDC Concrete (India) Pvt Ltd is the largest independent ready mixed concrete company in India. The company was established in 1993 with participation from RDC Concrete, Singapore.

The company manufactures and supplies Ready Mix Concrete (RMC). Its portfolio of customers includes construction companies, real estate developers, contractors, infrastructure companies, Industrial Projects (Cement, Steel, Power Plants etc), Commercial Projects and individuals owners. Apart from normal concrete mixes of various grades, RDC Concrete also produce special concrete solutions using its world class infrastructure and technology and ensures product and service quality.

It has now 41 plants across India clocking annual turnover of over 600 crores.

  • FibreCrete is a concrete mix with steel / synthetic fibers, and special concrete additives to enhance the flexural strength... Read more...
  • ImpriCrete is decorative concrete, tailor made to suit a wide variety of requirements... Read more...
  • LiteCrete concrete which is 40% to 70% lighter than conventional concrete with Enhanced Thermal Insulation, Sound Absorption Capacity. Read more...
  • NatureCrete A unique concrete solution, strong enough to be used for Pavements, Parking Areas, Walkways, but pervious to allow ground water replineshment... Read more...
  • ProCrete Tailor made concrete product for longer workability retention of up to 6 Hours, specifically designed for manual concrete placement applications. Read more...
  • SelfCrete Cohesive Concrete that flows like water through the reinforcement, with negligible placement effort. Cost Efficient and free flowing. Read more...
  • SelfCrete+ Cohesive Concrete that flows like water through the reinforcement, with negligible placement effort and excellent surface finish. Read more...
  • TempCrete Temperature Controlled concrete mixes with lower Heat of Hydration for Mass concrete requirements, makes your Mass concrete Durable. Read more...

Since 2005 RDC Concrete is part of Truenorth, formerly known as India Value Fund Advisers (IVFA). The Truenorth Group Companies include RDC Concrete, Robo Silicon, Meru Cab, Manipal Hospital, Cloudnine Hospital, ACT, NBHC, HICARE, Syngene, MAGMA among others.

CIN: U74999MH1993PTC172842

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  • Technical : RDC has developed competencies to manufacture and deliver different value-added concrete products. Read more...
  • Quality : RDC Concrete's plants comply with stringent requirements of the Quality Scheme. Read more...
  • Service : Hands on team with international experience in the ready-mixed concrete & pre cast concrete industry. Read more...
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