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We consider technical capability as our core competency. Engineers with relevant experience, exposure and educational qualifications are leading the technical department. RDC Technical Team is committed to R&D in concrete technology. Services of renowned concrete technologists are availed regularly for better knowledge creation.

RDC Concrete manufactures in its fully automated and computerized concrete batching plants and supplies concrete mixes, which are designed in its well-equipped laboratories as per established procedures to comply with various provisions of Indian Standards. RDC Concrete's experienced logistics team works closely with you to ensure that the concrete of requisite quality is delivered on time and in the appropriate quantities.

Quality Council of India (QCI) has taken an initiative to establish an independent third party voluntary ‘RMC Plant Certification Scheme’ in the country to assure quality in operations and processes of RMC Plants.

Most of the RDC Concrete plants are Quality Council of India (QCI) Certified.
RDC Concrete is part of BIS Codal Committee CED 2.2